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"The silence was an intense roar."

"I have always been the type of person who has to drown in order to remember I can breathe"

- S.G. Kilbride (via perdiamoci)

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"While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation."

- Maya Angelou (via borrowingbones)

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"I want to exist with you. Let’s make traditions and spend hours wishing we were together each time we’re apart. Friday nights should be spent on ice cream dates and getting lost somewhere in town. Hold my hand when I feel scared. I’ll listen to your heart beat in sync with the rain, never forgetting it’s slow and steady sound. Wake up on Saturday morning with me. Let’s watch the sun begin to rise, only to fall back asleep again. I will surprise you with every chance I get, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do. I’ve existed all along on my own, but I would rather exist with you."


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seeing the notes this has gotten is comforting to me. you know, as soon as i’m tempted to feel alone as if i’m the only person in the world who feels a certain way, i just look at this poem and remind myself of the fact that over 10,000 people have felt, or currently feel, the feelings i had when i was writing this. it proves that you are never as alone in this world as you think you are. 

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Sleeping At Last - West


West || Sleeping At Last

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"You, my God, are supreme, utmost in goodness, mightier and all-powerful, most merciful and most just. You are the most hidden from us and yet the most present amongst us, the most beautiful and yet the most strong, ever enduring and yet we cannot comprehend you. You are unchangeable and yet you change all things. You are never new, never old, and yet all things have new life from you… You support, you fill, and you protect all things. You create them, nourish them, and bring them to perfection… Your works are varied but your purpose is one and the same… You are my God, my Life, my holy Delight, but is this enough to say of you?… For even those who are most gifted with speech cannot find words to describe you.”